Brechin vs Dunfermline

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He could leave with something positive from the Paisley 2021, but a
defeat of her defense was enough to get St Miren to win 1-0 in the
previous game. Brehin, despite the chaotic capacity difference between
the two teams, showed a decent face, but ONeils own goal at 15 deprived
her of a positive result. The Dundee band has been relegated to its
negative streak, this was its fifth consecutive defeat to Championship,
and after 26 defeats it remains unbeaten, with the worst defense of the
league. In fact, with four points, he is already thinking the next
season away from Championship. In the purely playing field, problems
continue for technician Duddy, who is not at the disposal of the first
scorer Sinclair, the leader McLillin and Ford Jackson, when Linus
remains out of punishment.

Few things for another game from Dunfermline, who stuck the previous
game to zero against Queen of South. She again questioned her image,
threatened her opponent a little, and confirmed for another game that
she has a problem in scoring. This was the second white tie for the
Johnston team that completed five games away from the championship
successes. In -5 from the first four, Dunfermline, who plays without any
margin for loss, if he wants to keep alive in the battle of the

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.94) 2.5/3 小分(0.88)