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Continuing on the excellent course of the first round shows Horsens is
determined to give. With the exception of the (reckless) defeat from
Midtjylland, after re-starting, he has no defeat (1-1-0), making very
good appearances both against Helsingor and Randers, and he has not
managed to win the last, staying in home 1-1 in the last game. He was
undoubtedly entitled to something more than the game, found himself
against the flow of the game back to the score from a direct foul (25 ),
managed to tie relatively fast, while in the second part he had
tremendous phases to be able to reach the overall overturn.

He remains in the top five, with 31 points (7-10-5) in the league, only
one defeat this season, from champion Midtjylland (4-6-1). The top
scorer Finnbasson (Aggressor, 21/4) is back on track and missed a lot
against Randers. Mel (Second Half, 11/0) is losing second goal,
Cortegard (Defender, 21/0) is doubtful and has not been properly

The positive person who presents after returning to the action after the
winter break wants to establish Aarhus, who remains undefeated in the
three games that he has given (1-2-0), having the past racing again
redefined without goals against Lyngby away. He was unjustly injured by
the end result, since he was not threatened to a minimum during the
whole race, and he was the one who created and missed great
opportunities, with two long-distance shots culminating.

After stopping, he has not seen the focus of being violated, but at the
same time he does not find many solutions aggressively, scoring only
once. The gap between the six (-4), which was also the target of the
mini-goal before the start of the year, is equal to the 10th place with
Silkeborg, measuring 24 points (6-6-10) , an absolute balance in in-home
performance (3-3-5). (Messer, 21/3) and Andersen (Defender, 1/0), Mehler
(Defender, 16/1) and Bakman (Defender, 10/1) who have not overtaken them

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.92) 2/2.5 小分(0.96)